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Legal-Tech Content Marketer

Note* - Send us an email at with your name and a SHORT summary to apply. We will request further information. 

Lumose Marketplace is looking for a Content Marketing Specialist who can help us take the hype out of 'legal-tech' so that lawyers can actually navigate the myriad of legal-tech start-ups that exist to pick a software for their law firm.. The Content Marketing Manager will be responsible for all web-marketing traffic and generating brand awareness through content creation and promotion.


The ideal candidate will have an interest in all marketing channels and tactics, from content creation, to SEO, to YouTube, LinkedIn to interactive videos, however will be expected to focus on those which lawyers are most active (email, LinkedIn, SEO). You will work remotely with our legal-tech specialist based in South Africa. Together you will plan and coordinate our marketing efforts. 


  • Content creation –  Work with our legal-tech specialist to create videos of legal software.

  • Posting – Publish content on all channels using descriptions/captions with optimal SEO.

  • Generate Traffic to site by any means – Research most cost efficient marketing strategies to increase traffic on our site from lawyers.

  • Conduct weekly marketing experiments - Because this company is an early stage-startup, we haven't yet optimized our marketing strategy orestablished our cost of acquiring a customer. It could be articles, videos, direct sales, Facebook Paid Ads, LinkedIn Paid Ads, email campaigns, etc. Your job is to test and monitor the strategies we implement to determine the most cost effective one.



  • Interest in Marketing.

  • Proven initiative running a marketing campaign of some sort.

  • Highly cost conscious - always trying to optimize our marketing funnel for the lowest cost of acquiring a customer.

  • Track record on various social media platforms.

Nice to Haves: 

  • Researches marketing tools/tactics in their spare time.

  • Interest in the legal industry.

  • Experience in start-ups.

About Lumose Marketplace:

Lumose is a B2B marketplace that helps lawyers discover, compare, and test legal software (think Airbnb for legal software). The number of legal-tech start-ups that exist nowadays makes it unfeasible for lawyers to efficiently shop for legal software. We help lawyers with their own small law firm compare between software, which in turn revolutionizes the legal industry into one where the average person can actually afford legal services AND small law firms can turn a profit. Our motto is: 'The world needs lawyers who aren't threatened by legal-tech. We really really need them.' Many lawyers think that tech competes with them when in reality it can help them provide a quicker, cheaper service to clients who need legal help all while generating handsome revenue for their law firm.


Note* - Send us an email at with your name and a SHORT summary to apply.

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