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A real estate law firm is constantly challenged by deadlines, immense amounts of paperwork, collecting documents from different sources and ensuring the client, realtors, lenders and other lawyers are up to date with each file they handle. Firms have traditionally addressed these problems by dedicating immense amounts of time and capital. However there are conveyancing tools that are designed to tackle these common problems and allow firms to get the most benefit from their time and capital. We have put together a list of softwares in this area for you to review and see if you can benefit from them.

Dye & Durham E-conveyance

Dye & Durham is a web-based service that manages land transfers from start to finish.

Before a file (for sale, purchase or mortgage) is opened at the lawyer’s end, they can send a property purchase form, property sale form or a new mortgage form to their client by a secure link. From there, the client can provide as much of the information as possible and once a file is opened, all the client provided information will automatically be imported into the file which will save a good amount of time on both opening new files and data entry. Once a file has been opened, the lawyer will be guided through each step that needs to be completed to close the matter depending on the file.

One of the strong features of this software is how it integrates with land registry systems, lenders, title insurers, corporate registries and a comprehensive public database of lawyers, realtors across Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. This allows you to have access to a list of all realtors, lenders and lawyers along with all relevant information about them so you can complete a file quickly without having to go back and forth between multiple databases. You can also access Teranet Connect directly on the software and quickly complete a property search.

Additionally, the “Firm opportunity” feature tracks all files entered into the system and provides reminders for any mortgage renewal, track referrals, reminders for significant days related to each client. This feature is designed to assist law firms to capitalize on every opportunity to the full extent.


  1. Integrates with the land registry, lenders, title insurers, and corporate registries, so paralegals don’t need to copy and paste data from those databases into the allow lawyers to complete a file without needing to spend significant amounts of time looking for the correct information to enter.

  2. Enhanced client experience by allowing clients to provide information through a secure link to cut down significant time on data-entry.


  1. Does not offer a client portal that allows upload of digital documents and communication with the firm.


LawyerDoneDeal (LDD) provides web-based productivity tools to real estate law practitioners. Their software offers interconnectivity with databases for title insurers, mortgage lenders and new home builders with the main focus on saving time when handling real estate transaction files.

They offer two seperate softwares, their main software is RealtiWeb, a conveyancing application which allows lawyers to complete a real estate transaction file quickly.

RealtiWeb also comes equipped with word processing ability that allows lawyers to create and modify their own documents and precedents that fit the needs of their firm. Nonetheless, RealtiWeb provides access to hundreds of updated and widely used precedents for real estate transactions.

LDD’s software provides a remote portal for clients that allows lawyers to share documents (safer than email) and host private video conference signing meetings which will not only save time in completing a file, it also provides a unique client experience.

Additionally, law firms that focus on acting for vendors of new home and condominium projects can also obtain RealtiBuilderSales, to check out Information about this software click here.

Another advantage LDD offers is competitive pricing. Lawyers can produce documents, host virtual signing meetings, manage files, and apply for title insurance without paying any license fees, support costs and signing up is free. LDD only charges on a per-file basis at affordable rates, as shown in the picture below,


  1. The client portal offers features that are more extensive compared to the competition as they allow clients to upload documents and have video calls with their lawyer, making it possible to complete a transaction completely online.

  2. The pricing options makes this software very accessible to up and coming firms and firms looking to manage their budget. The cost to open a file is only $30.


  1. Mortgage files are only directly linked to TD bank only, all other mortgage files have to be inputted manually

You can visit our marketplace here for more information on additional features, pricing options, trials and demos. You can also browse our marketplace for more exciting legal softwares that can change the way you practice law.

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