Make Your Client Intake Process World-Class Using Affordable Legal Tech

Client Intake at first might seem like a straightforward and trouble-free aspect of a law practice but it is far from it. Research has found that 70% of law firms in the study did not ask for any contact information before getting off the phone with the prospective client and when contact information was given to the law firm and a call back was promised but 52% of the firms never called back!

Though lead generation often boils down to a firm's financial ability to "throw money at the problem", having an outstanding client intake process aided by legal tech that creates a unique experience can level the playing field and give small firms a competitive advantage. Thankfully there are many software's that were designed specifically for law firm client intake procedures to streamline the client intake process by utilizing a variety of tools to address unique challenges.

Afterpattern is a software designed to help with document automation for law firms and also offers a client intake system to help lawyers streamline their client intake proc7qess for an outstanding client experience. Afterpattern gives access to a toolkit to build your unique client intake forms fit for your practice that are then embedded within a law firm’s website. A feature that Afterpattern offers that is unique to them is the ability to build legal products and allow clients to directly purchase any documents or services from a website using document automation and the support of their team of experts. The main features Afterpattern offers are:

  • Document automation & client intake

  • Legal practice management

  • Build and design legal products

Other Softwares like Clio Manage, Lawcus, and Mycase which all start from under $49/month also offer similar features along with their general legal practice management software. They allow you to automate your intake process by using online intake forms, e-signatures, and document automation. Client management software is not as closely focused on software that develops legal products and collects information, gives advice, automates documents, and facilitates payment like Afterpatter. They offer other features for better client relationship management, such features include:

  • Secure client communication portal

  • Centralized client communication & 2-way text messaging

  • Easy, instant file sharing

  • Quick and direct invoice delivery

  • Lead Management

These features are designed to Impress with seamless client engagement all the way from the automated intake process to the client management features to building legal products to offer on your website. The best part is, you can check out all of these products and more by visiting our website for specific pricing options and more information on free trials and demos.

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