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Access pricing options right away without having to sit through a demo first. We only list software that has pricing options suitable to solo lawyers and small firms. 

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We rely heavily on reviews from other lawyers instead of telling you what the software vendors want you to hear. We've gathered feedback from lawyers who have already subscribed to the software and asked them to rate it.

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Litigation Software


  • Analysis to help decide between settlement and trial.

  • Percentage Chance Probability for each step in your litigation allows for risk assessment.

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  • Create Roadmaps of all the likely pathways so that you're always prepared with contingency plans.

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The Solo Lawyer's Essential Software Package.

Have you opened up your own firm? As you already know, there is certain software like case management software, accounting/billing software, conveyancing software, and real-estate software that you just can't practice without. 

The software on Lumose Marketplace can be divided into two main categories;

  • Software that you can't practice without (unless you want to manually keep track of your files..)

  • Software that you have probably never heard of that will perform tasks you never thought of using software for; Retain clients before you've spoken to them, build your own tools, ask your software to do legal research, increase security. 

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The world needs lawyers who aren't threatened by legal-tech. We really need them.

I need a lawyer who will recommend I use to incorporate my company when it's a simple situation so that all my documents are stored online. I need a lawyer who has online intake questionnaires to save them and me time so I know my costs are minimized. I need a lawyer who I know is not spending their time on administrative tasks or paying a paralegal for something that can be done by software. I, as a client, need that reassurance. 

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Lumose presents you with only the top three competing software options for your use case or practice area.


Family Law Documents


Client Intake/Case Management

Researching legal software normally sends you down a rabbit hole of possible software solutions. Most lawyers get distracted, give up, and then go with the legacy provider their old firm was with for the last 30 years. But better software exists, it has already been built for you. 


When you sign up with a software provider, you pay the same price as you would outside of Lumose Marketplace. The vendors pay us a portion of the subscription for helping them market to solo lawyers. Because their ROI on solo lawyers is normally small (only 1 user), it is too expensive for them to do direct sales to solo lawyers. 

You have too many software options.

To anyone in the "legal-tech" sector, it is common knowledge that the industry is fragmented and the consolidation of services currently offered by many different legal-tech startups is only a matter of time. It is normal in other industries for one software company to monopolize the space and act as the go-to, credible company for virtually all technology needs, but in the legal industry this hasn't happened yet, leaving solo lawyers with too many options to choose from (not ALWAYS a bad thing). 

Your clients want access to legal-tech. Let them be in control.

The current over abundance of legal-tech companies is a problem for any law firm trying to address their technology needs efficiently because firms need to be able to contract with one company that can provide most if not all of their software needs. Legal-tech will start to consolidate, smaller companies becoming part of bigger ones. Give your clients an all-in-one platform for their legal needs by discovering what legal solutions are out there to help you as well as your clients complete legal tasks. 

Will you still make money if you give your clients access to self-serve legal-tech? 

Some legal software is only used by the lawyer (the client never sees it), and some legal software is used by both the lawyer and the client directly. For example, there are client portals where the client can login and submit their information and check on the status of their documents or generate documents themselves. The former allows your clients to be constantly engaged with their file's progress without them needing to email you.




I was in a small town, on my way to visit a friend. I stopped into a card store and asked, 'Do you know if there's a florist in town?'. (This was a long time ago, before I could have used Google Maps.). The shopkeeper said 'No, I have no idea where a florist might be'. 

There was a florist a block away. 

My hunch is that the shopkeeper was tired. Tired of tourists, tired of not making a sale. And so he acted out. He probably hoped that without flowers, I'd buy some cards. Of course, WITH flowers, I would have bought a card. 

Our job is to be generous, as generous as we know how to be, with our legal practice. When we do the work FOR the community, we open the door to giving up our attachment to our clients needing us, and allow them to be in control.  

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