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About Lumose

Lumose Marketplace is a software, tools and services comparison platform curated for small law firms. At Lumose Marketplace, our goal is to provide lawyers the best alternative to shopping for suppliers for their firms, whether from client portal software to paralegal recruiting services. Our listings are designed to communicate only the most important information visitors need to determine whether there’s a product/service fit, as quickly as possible.

Why Lumose.

Lumose Marketplace was built to meet the needs of lawyers and business professionals navigating a rapidly changing and growing industry. At Lumose Marketplace, we respect the complexity of the legal-tech industry and specialize in reviewing solely legal-tech products. The diverse legal expertise of our team ensures that our legal-tech reviews are the most comprehensive in the industry. Unlike internet publications, our legal-tech reviews are stored in a one-page, easy to consume data-base which is always expanding. We never let our users miss out on industry trends and our weekly published content is written to keep you in the know, without needlessly working your brain with legal jargon.

We exist to ensure
Canadians are informed
so they make better
financial choices

Our Vision

"At Lumose Marketplace, we envision a day where all law firms can access legal technology to operate more efficiently in their day to day and improve their capacity towards growth"

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide legal professional an unbiased review of software vendors for their specific practice area(s) from a refreshingly honest and data driven perspective, distinctly different from the marketing messages they are bombarded with from legal-tech sales teams.

Meet Our Team.

To meet the needs of lawyers and business professionals, it takes an eclectic group of passionate operators. Get to know the people leading the way at Lumose Marketplace

Founder and CEO
Business Strategy
Web Developer
Legal Expert and PR
Legal Content Creation
Web Developer

Careers at Lumose.

We’re always looking for talent to join our team. If you are interested in applying to Lumose Marketplace, we’re here to chat. Email us at careers@lumosemarketplace.com

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