Tool That Writes Research Brief For You

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

I asked it "under what circumstances is supervised parenting justified?"


  • "When I tested it they came back within a few hours with a 6 paragraph summary and pulled out the relevant passages from the cases. The cases cited were very recent, I hadn't heard of them yet. It was quicker than I could have done the research and you can bill it because they charge per memo, so the client paid less in the end. Especially if you're billing anything more than $200 / hour" - From a lawyer.

  • "I'd say it's only useful for research on a new topic though not a topic you're already an expert in. If you've practiced in that area for a long time then you will probably already know the cases cited. It would potentially be good for associates to use though. You will still want to do further due diligence on it, as per usual." - From another lawyer.

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